ABC Coaching & Conseil supports you

Team Coaching

An effective tool to support the development of collective performance

Organization Coaching

When you need a global dynamic and a support to change for your whole management body

Professional transitions
Competencies Assessment

Analyze your career evolution and prepare  for your professional development

Team Coaching

Your team is made up of skilled individuals, each in their own field of expertise, but who have difficulty collaborating effectively in order to reach an expected team performance.

We support you in :

  • Analyzing your team’s potential dysfunctions and the most impactful levers of improvement to be worked on as a priority
  • Facilitating an outdoor seminar to share this diagnosis and co-build action plans and implement new practices
  • Facilitating your group discussions and monitoring the implementation of your new operating model
  • Individual follow-up of some team members who are more in demand
equipe sous un coucher de soleil réussite professionnel

This will enable you to :

Help each member of the team to grow

Challenge your existing practices

Boost the commitment of each member

Create a culture of trust and learning

Organization Coaching

Leading your entire organization towards the goal you are pursuing is a highly complex challenge. The fluidity of the relationships between the different teams involved in your digital transformation, as well as the spirit of cross-functional collaboration, have a real impact on the achievement of your strategic objectives. You need to engage the entire management team in new practices to accelerate decision-making and the implementation of actions that will  have the greatest impact on the success of your ambition.

We will support you in :

  • Analyzing inter-team bottlenecks in terms of communication and processes,
  • Facilitating customized seminars for managers and transformation ambassadors to raise awareness, co-build action plans and implement new practices,
  • Training all managers with the skills needed to transform these action plans into tangible achievements of the key success indicators defined collectively,
  • Facilitating collective discussions and monitoring the implementation of new operating models
equipe sous un coucher de soleil réussite professionnel

This will enable you to :

Create trust between the different teams

Strengthen the commitment of the entire management team

Empower each of the key players in the transformation

Mobilize your entire organization towards a common goal

Professional transitions / Competencies Assessment

Thanks to my partnership with the firm Graines de RH et Cie, I may support you in a skills and competencies assessment to help you build your new professional life.

I will support you in :

  • The recognition of your needs, your values and your motivation levers
  • The analysis of your professional identity and your capabilities
  • The definition and perspective of your competencies portfolio that can be relevant to another context
  • The definition of a pragmatic professional project that makes sense for you
equipe sous un coucher de soleil réussite professionnel

This will enable you to :

Take the time to reflect on your career path

Really project yourself in the targeted activity

Rediscover motivation and meaning in your professional life

Build an actionable plan to reach your goal